Six Pack Blueprint with Abs Workout Finishers

Abs finisher workouts for the six pack blueprint.

This time of year is funny.  At my gym in Dallas, GA, we get a big push in January for the resolutioners (yes, I made up that word).  Then it dies down about 6 weeks later.  Then when Spring starts creeping up, we get another big push.  The question of the day is, “how can I get a six-pack without living in the gym?”.  After all, with better weather approaching, I can’t blame them.

Well, I’m gonna’ bring da house wit’ da things yo’ self needs to strut the six-pizzle.

That abrupt sentence was due to Method Man playing in the background.  I better mute the Ipod for a little while… my apologies.

Here’s the deal.  There’s a little bit of a difference between losing some fat, and then getting down to the point where you start chiseling six pack abs.  It takes advanced measures.

The Acceptance of the Challenge Ahead

First, accept that it will be challenging and difficult, as well as that it will take some tweaking.  There is no magic pill, nor any “negative calorie” food (don’t even get me started).  The truth is that you can certainly sculpt your waist line in a short amount of time with the right intensity and focus.  But that’s the first big step – accepting that there is no easy way and no miracle.

Prepare the Attack

If you’re still with me, let’s start preparing.  First of all, check your environment both at work and at home.  Is there any junk food hanging around?  Throw it away or donate it.  Are there fruits, vegetables and other unprocessed foods you can use for fuel for the challenging workouts ahead?  If not, go to the store.  I mean go to the store right now.  Don’t even read the rest of this before you have your groceries (aka six pack fuel).

What’s Your Plan?

Now, plan your eating strategy.  Do you have an office party next week?  Figure out a plan to either win against it (is it a restaurant where you can order something sensible like grilled chicken and veggies?) or skip it.  You’re either in or out with the six pack plan.

Take the Workout Log, Beat the Workout Log

Now make sure you have a structured metabolic resistance training program in place, ready to go.  Take the structured program log with you to the gym and be prepared to take notes on every single rep.  Your job is to beat 1-2 records at each workout.  Don’t skip any workouts – plan on working out 3-4 days a week.  As a matter of fact, pencil in your workouts right now

Save Time and Use Metabolic Ab Finishers

Finish each workout with a Metabolic Ab Finisher.  Say what?  Yes, a Metabolic Ab Finisher.  It’s a metabolic finisher combined with the most effective ab exercises on Earth (as well as other planets, too – trust me, I’ve googled it).  We are talking about the staples like a variety of Planks including the On/Off Plank, Stability Ball Jackknifes, as well as some crazy ones like Climbing Burpees and Spiderman Pullups.

To sum it up, you will use metabolically demanding exercises and ab exercises in a strategic combination.  This will help you burn more calories, elevate your metabolic rate, torch belly fat and most importantly, save you time.  Remember, you asked for a plan so that you wouldn’t have to live in the gym.

Pour Awesome Sauce on Your Six Pack Plan

I honestly don’t know what that means, but here is a good place to plug in some more strategies to covet the chiseled abs.  Certainly stay active on your non-workout days.  If you’re advanced, you can do some bodyweight cardio, as long as it doesn’t impede on your efforts of your workouts.  The idea is stay active, not over-train and injure yourself.

Log your food intake and take notes of every single success.  In other words, if you ate an apple and some almonds 43 minutes before your workout and you nailed your workout beating previous bests and feeling great, you will want to remember that.  It will also come in handy when you need to start chiseling again (like after Christmas and Grandma’s sugar cookies – yeah, I saw that).

Did a week go by and you felt your pants get a little looser?  Awesome.  By writing what you consumed and what you did, you now have a blueprint of what works for you.  Do you need a resource?  Go to and record your intake there.

Lastly, tell the world (or at least your family and friends) of your plans.  Trust me, this will take you out of your comfort zone, but it works.  When they see you reaching for that bagel in the morning meeting, they will put you in your place.  You will appreciate that when you strut your six pack at the beach 7 weeks later.

“Everything you do is either moving you closer to or farther away from your goals.” – Alwyn Cosgrove.

Repeat that quote to yourself throughout the day.  This will keep you in check.

The Six Pack Blueprint Summary

This last part you will want to print out.  It’s the summary of your blueprint to your six pack abs.  Alright, here we go:

1) Prepare the environment (eliminate the junk) and have a nutrition plan in place ready to rock before you even get started

2) Use a structured metabolic resistance training program and use a workout log (beat 1-2 records at every workout) and work out 3-4 days per week.

3) Use metabolic ab finishers to increase your caloric burn and chisel your six pack in less time

4) Pour awesome sauce on your blueprint by staying active and keeping a good track of what is working

Let’s rock it,

Mike Whitfield

Certified Turbulence Trainer




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